The Company

Mazi Máquinas is located in Caxias do Sul, RS, a region known for being one of the largest etal-
mechanic areas in the Country.  A family business, since 1986 specialized in the manufacturing

and commerce of maintenance equipment for the suspension and riveting brake lining for
heavy vehicles.

Part of the growth strategy of Mazi Máquinas consists in betting on differentiated products for various segments, including truck service stations, machine shops, fleet owners, among others. Always caring for the customer, Mazi Máquinas offers downstream services, providing guidelines for the maintenance of its machines. It also provides spare parts to the products offered, becoming even more specialized in the workmanship of its products.

Among the company's innovations, we highlight the releases of  MP 130 and MP65 Slim Electric Screw Removers and Torque Screwdrivers, DPR 7 Bench-type Riveter and DPSB 10 Bushing Extractor, in addition to Spring Bending Clamps, Brake Lining Riveters, among others .

Only Mazi does it! Power and efficiency working on your side!

The Brand

Throughout its history, Grupo Mazi consolidated the brands Mazi Máquinas, Mazi Automotiva, Moga Modelações and Castersul. These Grupo Mazi brands are synonymous with quality, reliability and sustainability, and reinforce Grupo Mazi's commitment to providing quality products to its customers.